Great run of clubs, Everton, Middlesbrough, Bolton Wanderers, Burnley, Preston North End & Blackpool.


GP1ut1Art Work by : Simon Say’s

Creative Director : Daniel Fitzgerald

Words by : William j Wheatley

Gary Anthony Parkinson born 10 January 1968 Thornaby in Liverpool,  Gary started his playing career on the Blue side of the city, for Everton fc, in 1985 as a junior, but soon exiled and was signed for Middlesbrough fc, who he now scouts for them from his Hospital bed, using only his eye, by winking to let his wife know that he likes the player, thats how this x football player now communicates to his family by going throw the alpha bet, when the wright letter is said he winks his eye, so they know, back in 2010 September the 6, Gary was in charge of his under 18, at Blackpool, he woke with a sever headache, this was  the best season Blackpool had ever had they beat North eastern rivals Wigan fc, 4-0 at the DW Stadium under the Managership of a truly great manager Iain Holloway, who has done a marvellous job, at Blackpool, taking his team to the top of the English premier league, a truly roller coster season for Blackpool, with relegation at the end of this season, were many a club had stayed up, with the points that Blackpool had, they were beat by Iain mate and mentor Sir Alex and his Red Devils.

This was a truly sad time for Gary after having scans and tests, the Royal Bolton Hospital, tested and the tests confirmed that the footballing coach had a brain stem stroke leaving him with locked- in syndrome, which is like a life time prison sentence for a person, use to a very active and in important role, with in a football club.

Gary then had two years of intense rehabilitation, which was extremely demanding on him, and his family, not only the fact that there loved one was going throw, but they had hour round- trip to see him each day, and his wife Deborah and the kids made every day, with out fail.

Without the support which his family brought, help him regain, his foot hold back into football, and on boxing day, Gary saw two former clubs Middlesbrough and Burnley, at the Riverside Stadium, which was a huge step for him, in his rehabilitation progress, football has always demoted his life from a very early age, and being back in the atmosphere has helped him, so much, the fans were chanting for him, as he sat in his wheelchair, the positiveness his very being,and got him smiling.

Parkinson has played for a number of clubs,  Everton, and  then onto Middlesbrough in 1986 under Bruce Rioch management, going to Wembley for the Zenith Data Systems cup, but losing to the Blues Chelsea 1-0.

Then in 1992 a short loan season at the Southend United, then onto play for Bolton Wanderers, on a free, but never played much, only got on the turf three times, mainly a back up, he could never get a game, when Phil Brown was on such good form, keeping Gary on the bench.

So Parkinson do what football players do when they are left on the bench, they  go looking for a new club, in Gary case Burnley another Manchester club signing on the 27 January 1994, suffering a hamstring, he was out for a season, and he joined Preston North End, in 1997-98 season, under a new and up coming David Moyes.

Then with the new century came a new club, Blackpool on March 22 2001,  costing £20.000 and helping the seasides win promotion, to the second division.

Gary went on todo his UEFA coaching badges and worked for SpeedMark who employ ex-pro footballers help rise the games profile for schools by help them rise money, and he went on become head of youth development at Blackpool, and in 2008 he won the Lancashire FA Youth Cup with Blackpool beating Wigan Athletic 2-0, Gary could have gone to be a good candidate for England’s under 21 manager.

Now he has found his way back into the game that he loves, and loves him as a scout at his old club Middlesbrough, if you want to find out more about this true hero, and his fund raising.